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About Our Beer

Our beer is crafted in small batches by our brewers Drake Merritt and Nigel Inglis. No preservative and no filtering, with quality local ingredients supplied by the Tavistock Hop Company(Tavistock, Ontario), Harvest Hop & Malt(Puslinch, Ontario), and Barn Owl Malt(Belleville, Ontario), this is by far the freshest, best tasting beer you can get in Oxford County. Come in and taste the difference!

Backpaddle Blonde Ale

Our most popular beer, this light golden delight has a crisp sweet and malty character made from 100% locally sourced Pale malt from Harvest Hop & Malt in Puslinch, Ontario. Very little hop bitterness, with notes of subtle citrus from locally sourced Cascade hops from the Tavistock Hop Company. Sit back and enjoy, you know you deserve it!

Dead Reckoning American Pale Ale

Light amber in colour, this APA is refreshing and hoppy with an overall smooth finish. It’s hopped with a blend of locally sourced Cascade, Rakau, and Glacier hops, giving it notes of citrus, cedar, with an apple/pear fruitiness in the background. The deep hop character is balanced by a rich malty backbone with a subtle sweetness from the locally sourced caramel malt.  Set your destination for this ale and you won’t be disappointed.

Portage India Pale Ale

Classic North American citrusy hop flavour and aroma from locally sourced Cascade and Centennial hops over a subtly malty background. Golden in colour with a smooth bitterness that is accessible for IPA newbies but still pleasing for hop-heads.

Come to the Dark Side Chocolate Stout

Delicously thick and smoothly roasty from the a blend of premium roasted malts, this beer is packed with rich dark chocolate flavour from being aged on roasted Ivory Coast cacao nibs sourced from Habitual Chocolate here in town.

Mad River Farm House Wheat

A complex bouqet of fruit and spices from the Belgian yeast with a mild citrus character from locally sourced Cascade hops. 50% of the malt is a locally sourced organic wheat malt, giving this beer a flavour profile somewhere between a Belgian Witbier and a Farmhouse Ale, hence the name Farmhouse Wheat. Refreshing and surprisingly flavourful. Prepare for a wild ride with Mad River!

Timber Beast Brown Ale

The legend exists! The rich, sweet toffee flavour of this brown ale comes from the large percentage of locally sourced caramel malt from Harvest Hop & Malt in Puslinch, Ontario. This beer also sports delicious hints of coffee and toast from premium UK brown malt. Very low hop bitterness, with no hop flavour or aroma to stand in the way of the delicious malty flavour. Don’t let the beast get away!

Dusk to Dawn White Stout

Pale golden in colour, but with a rich roasty flavour and aroma with notes of chocolate. This confounding delight of a beer is aged on Sumatran coffee beans from Fire Roasted Coffee Co. in London, Ontario, and roasted Ivory Coast cacao nibs from Habitual Chocolate, allowing the beer to pick up rich, roasty, stout-like flavours without darkening the colour.